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Our team has been in the boardroom and understands the unique data needs required to support your clients’ annual compensation planning as well as the trends and emerging issues you often help them manage. We put the data in your hands enabling you deliver timely, actionable recommendations.

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Through our suite of solutions, you’ll receive a complete picture of pay giving you comprehensive data on executive pay, board compensationCIC/severance, pay-for-performance, equity, and plan-based awards as well as retirement & perquisites.

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Data is at its best when it helps you execute your compensation strategy, drive decisions, and make sound recommendations. We are here to help you do that.

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"Main Data Group is a valuable tool for compensation consultants. MDG collects nearly all available compensation/governance-related data that is publicly disclosed allowing for very detailed (and accurate) analysis in a timely fashion to answer all questions from the typical (CEO compensation benchmarking) to the less typical (CEO transition to executive chairman and corresponding compensation.) I know that I have a collaborative partner in MDG that is available to analyze any compensation or governance practice."

Jane Park
Managing Director
Pearl Meyer
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