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What happens when there’s a good idea, but no readily available information to help you decide if it will really work?

What if you need research assistance but aren’t an MDG subscriber? (Short answer: that’s okay. We can help.)

We’re here to talk about your unique executive compensation and corporate governance issues and uncover the right answers.

How does the custom research process work? We’re here to walk you through all the steps.

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Complex executive compensation or governance problems aren’t tough to solve when you work with MDG.

Here are just a few of the issues we’ve worked with customers to better understand:

  • 10-year historical burn rates for multiple defined peer groups
  • Examples of companies that modified long-term incentive performance goals during the performance period
  • Prevalence of ESG metrics in short-term incentive plans
  • Companies with executive chairs and how their compensation compares versus the company's CEO
  • Average number of performance metrics in short-term incentive programs within a specified industry
  • Compensation of CEOs during the first year in the role, specifically internal versus external hires
  • Benchmark executive and board compensation at IPO companies
  • Prevalence of mega-grants and how they are structured
  • Comparison of CEO actual bonus payouts versus target for the S&P 500

"MDG is my primary resource for customized data aggregation. The team delivers on unique requests, responds promptly, and follows up to ensure fulfillment. The best part of working with MDG is their collaborative approach: making recommendations on how to best query/structure the data and confirming I understand the resulting output of what my queries may yield."

Kimberly Neil
Vice President, Pearl Meyer
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